Bill & Angela


Bill & Angela


Angela and Bill speak internationally on topics of FaithFamily and Human Flourishing.

Empowering Talks

Ecology of Heaven

Returning to the Garden

The Lord led Bill and Angela to leave city living behind to build a self sustaining permaculture ranch in Montana. Angela and Bill speak about God’s heart for his Church, and why he put us in a garden at the beginning of time.

Ecosystems We Thrive In

Human Flourishing

Angela dives right in, exposing the heart behind her work—a heart that’s seen the darkest nights and still seeks the magic of relationship.

The cross of mental health difficulties has taught her what a full life looks like, and she delves into the ways that sharing deep, intentional life with others creates purpose.

She shares wisdom on unhealthy cultural ecosystems, the necessity of presence in the body and mind, and the beauty of her recent marriage to Bill Schnieders. She brings practical tips to her deep, rich view of human nature.

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Bill & Angela give single talks and also lead workshops, seminars and retreats.

They also speak internationally on the following topics under Faith, Family & Human Flourishing:

  • Unlocking Your Gifts & Discovering Your God-Given Mission
  • The Eucharist and Eucharistic Devotion
  • Sacred Scripture and Biblical Typology
  • Marian Devotion & Marian Apparitions
  • Courtship & Marriage
  • The First World Mission Field: Challenges at the Crossroads of Change
  • The Mindset & Skillsets We Need To Thrive in an Ever Changing World
  • As a Strategist with The Woman School, Angela also gives talks to women equipping them with the practical skills necessary to design a life of meaning and contribution; a life that is whole. In addition to talks on Faith, Femininity & Sport and her work with FIERCE Athlete, Inc.
  • Regenerative Agriculture And The Creation Of Perennial Edible Food Forests
  • Restoring the Original Harmony’s – God, Self, Others and Nature


“There are often no words for me to describe the magnitude of Angela and Bill’s impact in the world, especially in our world. As a couple, they are collectively using all their life’s experience and talent to inspire the world to be better.

Bill is a fascinating blend of both genius and kind heartedness. He dreams boldly and lives with such joy and faith that he impacts other by shear encounter.

Angela is a walking grace. She is real, raw and profoundly wise. When you meet her, you wonder if women like her truly exists. She is fierce in her ability to dream big and intentional in how she affects culture in the details. She captivates the heart.

Bill and Angela are a light to humanity and their contribution creates a massive impact wherever they go. They are truly a beautiful couple.”

Ryan and January Donovan

Founders, The Woman School and Greatness Journey

“Angela and Bill are some of the most creative and insightful speakers that we have had the pleasure of working with at Catholic Creatives. We work very hard to find speakers who are able to speak from the authority that comes from experience- whose extraordinary lives give them a depth of insight, an excellence in delivery, and a credibility that is obvious to us.

Angela and Bill spoke at our 2018 Summit, and they embodied these values as speakers. They were professional, sharp, intelligent in their deliveries, but their content was deeply vulnerable as well, born from lives that lived through each point they made. This integrity made their talk unforgettable, moving both minds and hearts.

At CC Summit we work hard to identify up-and-coming speakers whose message is unique and deeply needed for our generation, and Angela and Bill are perfect examples of speakers whose message-- and indeed their very life-- is perfectly fit to this particular moment in our Church.”

Anthony D’Ambrosio

Founder, Catholic Creatives

“Bill and Angela Schnieders are vessels of hope for the world today.  They exude God the Father’s love in how they love one another, and how they celebrate all those they encounter.

Empowered by the Holy Spirit, they proclaim the truth fearlessly and clearly; from a desire to have others experience the fullness of joy available in Jesus.”

Brian Kraut

Director of Evangelization, Diocese of Spokane

Engaging, approachable, inspiring, compelling!  Those are just a few adjectives that describe this dynamic couple’s style of presentation.

Solidly grounded in truth and faith, their messages are captivating and well received, and their speaking engagements are always well attended. The fragrance of their lives preaches the Gospel and speaks volumes about their integrity and love for Christ and His Church.

Because of their depth of understanding of the New Evangelization, the dignity of the human person and their sincere love for humanity, many hearts have been touched and transformed by Bill and Angela! They’re pure gift to our parish and community!"

Jeanne O’Connell

Pastoral Assistant and Director of Women's Formation at St. Matthew's Catholic Church, Kalispell, MT

About Us

Angela Schnieders

  • Wife
  • Mother of one daughter
  • Friend, Guide and Mentor
  • International Speaker
  • Entrepreneur
  • Certified Strategist, The Woman School
  • Board Chairman, FIERCE Athlete
  • Co-Founder of New Eden Strategies

Angela is known for her work as a Co-Founder and Senior Partner with Mission Advancement Partners, Director of Mission Advancement with Endow, and her integral role in scaling FOCUS, The Fellowship of Catholic University Students.

During her 15 year career as a missionary and respected business professional, she experienced a mental health crisis that led her to ask the question, “What are the truly vital ingredients to human flourishing?” This launched her into a passionate study of cultural ecosystems and the necessary conditions for human thriving. Angela believes that as a woman pursues wholeness in the different arenas of her life she will become a pillar on which others can lean upon to become whole.

A devoted student of January & Ryan Donovan for nine years she is passionate to share the same hope she has been given through their model and example, with others, through The Woman School. She has since become a Strategist, thought-leader and highly sought after speaker for her vulnerable, heartfelt message on sustainable living in the heart of the Father and the new mindsets & skillsets we must develop in order to thrive in our ever changing world.

Angela and her husband Bill have left city life and have settled in an orchard garden in Montana on Flathead Lake near Glacier National Park. They are the Co-Founders of New Eden Strategies and have one daughter.

Bill Schnieders

  • Husband 

  • Father

  • International Speaker

  • Entrepreneur 

  • Certified Permaculture Designer

  • Co-Founder & COO of Powered Foods

  • Co-Founder of New Eden Strategies

  • Board Member, Stand Up America US Foundation 

After growing up in Southern California, playing college football and tasting startup success, as well as previously putting in 60 to 70 - hour weeks at Cisco Systems and other tech giants, Bill found himself cynical and unfulfilled. Dissatisfied with the rat-race lifestyle of Silicon Valley, he began to ask the questions: How did God create us to live in the beginning? Is there more to life than just increasing in speed and spinning our wheels? Why are so many people frustrated and unfulfilled? What is the real and deepest purpose of life?

Growing up in a Catholic family his search for answers eventually lead him more deeply into the Study of Sacred Scripture, Eucharistic Adoration and Marian Devotion; as well as encountering God in the wilds of Montana and in the cultivation of permaculture (perennial food forest) ecosystems. He is passionate about helping humanity to discover their unique God-given gifts, vocation and rediscovering the peace and fulfillment that come from reintegrating into our original habitat: the forest Garden. 

Married in August of 2018, Bill and his wife Angela have since left behind city lives driven by busy-ness and frenetic activity and have settled in an orchard garden homestead on Flathead Lake (near Glacier National Park) in Montana to experience a more peaceful, healthy, purpose-driven and sustainable life. He is involved in a number of start-up ventures in water, farming and energy.

He is the Co-Founder of Powered Foods, a 501(c)3 Non-Profit, whose mission is to help individuals optimize health and heal various diseases with organic nutrient dense food, juices and other naturopathic means. He conducts workshops and seminars relating to organic farming, permaculture and Catholic Apologetics. Bill is involved in several projects with Montana State University’s leading Plant Pathologists to discover natural alternatives to chemical pesticides and optimizing organic food production. When not out on Flathead Lake or in his garden, Bill loves to hunt & fish the wilds of Montana and is a passionate sports enthusiast. 


Angela was a respected business development director, living a high paced life of mission work and philanthropy. Bill worked in sales in Silicon Valley, living the breakneck pace of competitive start-up culture.

They both burnt out and began asking the question, how did God intend for us  to live in the beginning? This journey lead them into each other and they were married in August of 2018.

Their desire to live as the Father intended and build a more integrated life have led them to leave behind America’s obsession with increasing in speed and have forged a new path together residing on Flathead Lake near Glacier National Park in Montana where they live in an orchard garden and have become advocates for a more human, God centered way of life. Together they have founded New Eden Strategies and have welcomed their daughter, Catherine Elizabeth, into the world in January 2020.